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April Newsletter

Updated: May 20

What a busy April! From meeting with students at Oak Hill Middle School to baking a graduation cake for the Wily Network, our volunteers worked so hard to make it all happen. We started the month by going into Oak Hill Middle School in Newton, to speak with the students about future opportunities they have to get involved with their community through Give A Cake Bakery. The enthusiasm we saw out of these students was incredible and it was inspiring to see such an eager group of kids. We are super excited to welcome new members to the team! We would like to give a huge thank you to Jean Stehle who helped us organize a time to share our story with the students and staff, and to Jane Tremaglio, one of our top volunteers, for sharing her experience volunteering with Give A Cake Bakery with the students.. 

Just one day after our presentation at the middle school we were right back in the kitchen baking the Wily Network’s graduation cake for the class of 2024! We are beyond grateful to be part of this celebration every year and are so inspired by the amazing work that the Wily Network does. This year, we made another two layer 13 by 19 inch chocolate and vanilla marble sheet cake with vanilla buttercream and half a dozen cupcakes! 

Towards the end of the month we met with students from our chapter at MATCH Charter Public High School to bake banana bread mini loaves for the Newton Community Freedge. Once again we used the wonderful space at the Brighton Presentation School Community Center and took full advantage of the kitchen and collaboration spaces where we had students filming interviews and filming the baking process. We are so excited to continue working with these students and are looking forward to what's ahead!

In addition to these special events, our volunteers bake 159 baked goods for the Newton Community Freedge! This is our record so far this year and we couldn’t be more excited to see how many we can do this May!

We are looking forward to next month when we are working with new volunteers, our MATCH students, and more! Follow our Instagram and Facebook @giveacakebakery to stay up to date on our events and engagements!


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